Professional  Services

Here is a list of services that we can help you with.:

Telephone service selection

·        Do I have the right telephone service?

·        How can I prevent telephone fraud?

·        Dial Plan and Least Cost Routing

·        Virtual Private Networks for voice

·        Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

·        Local bill analysis

·        Toll bill analysis

·        Long Distance bill analysis

·        Centrex verses PBX

·        Do I need trunks or lines?

·        How can ISDN help my business?

·        Features that waste money

·        Features that save money

Vendor Selection Services

·        Requirement discovery and needs analysis

·        Request for Proposal process

·        Vendor qualification

·        Contract negotiation

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Super Tech Services

·        Troubleshooting digital circuits (whose problem is it, and why)

·        Circuit performance testing, preventive maintenance, and repair services

·        Training available on troubleshooting and repair of digital circuits and WAN’s.

Telephone bill audits

·        Are you paying more than the tariff allows?

·        Are you getting all the things listed on your bill?

·        Do you want a refund for overpayment?

Hardware Selection

·        What is the best telephone equipment for my business?

·        Should I use a PBX? IP PBX?  Key System?  Centrex?

·        Can Voice over IP (VoIP) save me money?

·        Is Cisco the only router I can use?

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Relocation Services

·        How can I have service in two locations at once?

·        Reduce your installation charges

·        Keep your phone numbers.

Internet Related Questions

·        What is “bandwidth”, and how much do I really need?

·        Is there a way to get automatic back up for our email if our Internet connection fails?

·        How can I eliminate SPAM?

·        Is there a way to stop a virus from using email to attack us?

·        Can I prevent my employees from surfing the Internet to non-business sites?

·        Register your own Domain (.com, .org, .edu)

·        Set up your first web page for free

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Managed Cable Systems

·        Can my business benefit from the use of a managed voice and data cable plant?

·        Do I need CAT 5 cable? 

·        What about CAT 6?

·        How can fiber optics help my business?

·        Is your telephone room a mess, we can fix it

Wide Area Networking (WAN)

·        VOIP, IP version 4 or version  6, Point to Point, Fully Meshed, VPN or Public? What would work for you best?

·        Performance and optimization services

·        Transfer telephone calls to branch offices or cell phones

·        Work from home and have access to all the files and computers at the office

·        Equipment selection, setup and service

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