Powering and Wiring Guidelines for ISDN

The following document entitled "Powering and Wiring Guidelines (Residence and Small Business)" was created by a committee of the National Integrated Services Digital Network Users' Forum (NIUF). The NIUF ws formed in 1988 under the auspices of the National Institute of Standards and Technology with the mission to "create a strong user voice in the implementation of ISDN and ISDN application and to ensure that the emerging ISDN meets users' application needs." The NIUF will hasten the availability of interoperable, conforming ISDN products and services that meet users' needs. In addition, the NIUF has expanded its mission to include the National Information Infrastructure (NII) in its development of applications. This document was originally published on March 1, 1995 under the document number: NIU/ICSW/BRI/060.

* ISDN Wiring Overview, Chapter 1 - This section describes powering considerations for ISDN equipment.

* ISDN Wiring Overview, Chapter 2 - Wiring ISDN to a Single Target Room, using existing wiring

* ISDN Wiring Overview, Chapter 3 - ISDN to a Single Target Room, using new wiring

* ISDN Wiring Overview, Chapter 4 - ISDN to Multiple Target Rooms, using new wiring

Contributors to "Powering and Wiring Guidelines (Residence and Small Business)":

Ameritech: William A. Grabowski, Wayne Heinmiller
AT&T Bell Laboratories: Masood Shariff, Doug Deutsch
IBM: Gaby Salem
Bellcore: Bob Brillhart, John Kuzin, Brenda LiBrizzi
Northern Telecom Inc.: Lee Blezard, Dave Havelock
NYNEX: Stephen Halpern
Power Consult: George Pedersen
Systems Engineering International: David Kohl
Tone Commander Systems: Steve Hill
US West Technologies: Jim Lockhart

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