Technical Reference documents and White Papers:

Streaming Video - clips from training classes conducted by Andy Kauffman on telecommunications technology:

Streaming Video " Troubleshoot ISDN using NT-1 Indicator lights "  

Streaming Video " T-1 Cable and DEMARC extension "  

Streaming Video " ISDN Test Sets and circuit testing (part 1) "  

Recently published documents:

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Technical Reference " LATA Map (Local Access Transport Area for North America) " 

Technical Reference " Premises wiring color code postcard "   (JPEG)

Technical Reference " T1 cable requirements, Pin Outs, and Color Code "  (HTML)

Application Overview "Disaster Recovery for T1

Application Overview "Disaster Recovery for Frame Relay

Technical Reference "Download Speeds - conversion from Bytes to Bits

Map of Regional Bell Operating Companies territories  (HTML)

Technical Reference "Special Information Tones and Telemarketers

                        Wave File: Special Information Tone  
                        Wave File: Special Information Tone with announcement  
                        Wave File:
Funny Special Information Tone  

Historically significant documents:

Communications Act of 1934 

Telecommunications Act of 1996 

August 1996 FCC Interconnection Order 

AHK & Associates ISDN documents:

ISDN Ordering Codes 

ISDN Cause Codes 

ISDN SPID Formats   (HTML)

ISDN Reference Points (HTML)

Various ISDN Association's published documents:

  VIA RFC document:  RFC-001: AODI - Always On ISDN 

VIA White Paper: AODI - Always On ISDN 

NIUF document: ISDN Wiring using Existing and New Cable (HTML)

Humorous documents (should be used with discretion)

RFC 1149:  IP over Avian Carriers (IPoAC) 

RFC 2549:  IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service (IPoAC-QOS) 

Implementation of RFC-1149  (link to web page)
           A pictorial archive and field notes from the only known
                  implementation of this protocol stack.

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